Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Savings on modelJOCK Collector's Photobooks!

"Boricuas: The Men of Puerto Rico" is one of the male model photo books on sale for the holidays.
"Carlos: In the Dark" is a collection of intimate portraits from one night in one young man's life.
The photo book "NICAS" explores the natural beauty of real young men in Nicaragua.

It's that time of year again — a time to search for the perfect gift that your friends and significant others will really appreciate. Blurb, the publisher of my three collector's photo books, is offering a very special deal: Get $10 off any order of $29.95 or more.

So check out the preview sample pages right here on, and then click to go to the pages to order.

All you need to do is go to my storefront here:

Order by December 31, and use one of the following coupon code, based on where you live:

USD coupon: CHEER
GBP coupon: CHEER1
EUR coupon: CHEER2
CAD coupon: CHEER3
AUD coupon: CHEER4

You can use this special offer to purchase any of my three male model photography books, including:

BORICUAS: THE MEN OF PUERTO RICO. The natural masculine beauty and talent of rising male models from the Isla del Encanto is featured in this, the latest photo book in the collection. (Note: This book does contain artistic and implied nudity.)

NICAS. This book features beautiful, artistic, color and black-and-white photos of a variety of men in Granada, a historic city in Nicaragua. NICAS (which means "Nicaraguan") is complemented by a three-part, behind-the-scenes video, available to those who purchase the book. (Note: This book contains artistic and implied nudity.)

CARLOS: IN THE DARK. A very personal, intimate portrait of a young model named Carlos, this book features artistic and erotic images in a one-of-a-kind collection.

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