Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teen Bodybuilder Tyler Dasher Prepares to Compete

I recently came across some impressive videos from an all-natural teen bodybuilder named Tyler Dasher. This 19-year-old Georgia native has put himself on a course for greatness, and the results are already evident in his muscular form. As he prepares for his next competition (and as we discuss doing a shoot together), Tyler answered a few questions for modelJOCK.com.

When did you start bodybuilding?
I did not start working out until I was 17.  I had a cousin that did bodybuilding, and power lifting, and I began working out with him. Logan and I began training together for our first competition and as I started seeing the changes in my body, I was hooked. 

What do you like most about working out?
I love bodybuilding because it is one of the only sports where your level of achievement is determined by you, and your level of dedication.  You have to train hard and control your diet year-round; it is a lifestyle that you live 365 days a year.

How did you decide to start doing videos?
I actually saw some of Nick Wright’s videos [check out modelJOCK.com’s exclusive interviews with Nick Wright, as well as plenty of photos and videos of this other teen bodybuilder] and decided to make a few videos and see where it went. I have received a lot of good feedback, which continues to motivate me to improve. I plan on posting more videos as I continue training for the upcoming November 13 INBF [International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation] World Bodybuilding & Figure Championship competition in New York.

When did you start competing?
My first competition was the SNBF [Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness] Emerald Coast Classic on June 13, 2009. I had been training for seven months and took third place in teen class. It really motivated me to work even harder and improve for my next competition. That first competition was definitely the hardest to prepare for. The discipline it takes to stick to the “pre-competition” diet was a wake-up call. That was all new to me; I had never done that before, and it was challenging.

How hard was it at first?
After the first competition, the hardest thing was watching my body change from “competition ready” back to “off season” in a couple of weeks. That really messed with my mind. It all became easier with a few competitions behind me, especially the diet part, at this point when I am in training, I am not even tempted to have a “cheat meal.” The adrenalin rush that I get when I go onto the stage and the crowd is clapping and cheering has not diminished; it is still a rush every time.

How do you motivate yourself to keep going?
Music plays an important part in my fitness regime and in my life in general. I usually decide on the way to the gym what music I will listen to during my workout. It is almost always hardcore metal or rap, depending on my mood. That is the music that pumps me up, and helps me push even harder when I am working out. “In Fear & Faith” and “Asking Alexandria” are a couple of my favorites.

What are your best body parts?
My best attributes are my abs and legs. My abs always seem to get a lot of attention from the crowd. I think I worked the hardest to build my legs. I guess everyone has areas that they just seem to have to work extra hard on the get size, and legs was mine. Before I started bodybuilding, I weighed 115 pounds, so I have really put on some good muscle. I think the dedication and intensity I bring to each workout, with a spot or alone, has served me well.

What do you do when you’re not working out and competing?
As for my personal life and goals, I have been out of high school for just over a year, and have moved out on my own. I have the “typical” bodybuilder job: I am head of security at a club. I am going to take a year or two to pursue my bodybuilding and continue to work to improve every season. Of course the eventual goal is working towards getting a pro-card. I think that will take some time, continued dedication, and muscle maturity to achieve.

Tyler’s Stats:
Height: 5’10”
Weight off season: 190 lbs  
Competition weight: 165 lbs
Waist: 34”   
Chest: 46”   
Arms: 17”   
Quads: 25”

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