Tuesday, August 17, 2010

VIDEO: Rony vs. José — Taking the MMA Fight Underwater


I had never seen a MMA or Ultimate Fighter match in the water. So the idea of staging a Mixed Martial Arts photo and VIDEO shoot underwater in a swimming pool seemed crazy and cool at the same time. And Rony, an experienced and aggressive 24-year-old, and José, his well-developed protegé, were game for trying something new. So on a rainy day in San Juan's Condado district, these two jocks were pitted against each other poolside, but it wasn't long before they plunged underwater for a wild sub-marine struggle. 

Neither Rony nor José had ever fought underwater before. And while they did great against the crashing waves and scratching sand during our earlier MMA Beach Fight video and photo shoot, being completely submerged was obviously a very different struggle. The video turned out quite cool, I think — and I hope it's just the beginning of new concepts for showing off strength and skill during model and sports shoots for me. I hope to find more venues and models to continue these themes.

Be sure to also check out the interview video with Rony and José to learn more about these two excellent fighters. And to see my work with another MMA male model fighter, check out my photos, videos and one-on-one videos with MMA fighter Jay on Lessons of the Fight and Mixed Martial Arts, One-on-One. In addition, I'll be posting samples from an artistic physique photoshoot I did later with José on my other blog, portfolioLATINO.com.

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