Thursday, July 15, 2010

Calvin Klein Stages Underwear Show with Help from Jürgen Mayer

Calvin Klein has always been known for its attention-getting underwear advertisements. The current issue of style-conscious Wallpaper Magazine shows that they also know how to stage an attention-getting event. The world-famous purveyor of women's and men's underwear partnered with Jürgen Mayer, an experimental German architect, to create a striking setting to unveil next season's collections. Perfectly formed, muscular, nude male models formed living sculptures against the backdrop of custom-designed architectural elements.
I decided to take this moment to highlight a few favorite shots from Calvin Klein's past campaigns. This company certainly helped set a new standard for appreciating masculine beauty (not to mention helping to jump start the career of Marky Mark, who would later be better known as Mark Wahlberg). If any company knows the value of fit male models in selling product, Calvin Klein certainly does.

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